Sally Henderson
Executive Mentor

Creating the opportunity to step into successful change


I am an International Executive Mentor.

I have spent 20 glorious years so far helping companies, teams and high performing individuals to successfully make change at work. And I love it!

As the world of work becomes more stressful due to fast pace, constant changing dynamics and overwhelm of opportunity, it is now more important than ever to be able to manage change in an effective way. 

With 25 years' experience across leadership development, executive search, change management, career growth and coaching it is plainly clear to me, when teams /people are both happy and effective in what they do, you can achieve greater results faster.

I like to think of myself as a combination of an extra shot of espresso, the motivation you need to make transformational change and the coach cheering your team! Personally, I’ve been described as intuitive, honest, caring and commercially savvy.  I enjoy working in partnerships with people to provide clarity, support and healthy challenge. And I love what I do!

I Have Worked With...