Sally Henderson
Executive Mentor

About Me

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I’m here to help you achieve more out of work in a healthy & hugely impactful way.

Whether it be to grow your business, your leadership & influence, or your career success, my unique approach to mentoring has proven over 23 years to achieve greater results faster for my clients.

What makes it unique? The use of a rich source of professional lenses across emotional growth, commercial focus, and practical action.

The result? Incredibly powerful & unique insight about yourself in a very short space of time, enabling you to learn not only what is blocking you, but also what options are available for your own growth & that of your business, as well as equipping you with bespoke tools & techniques to make successful change a reality.

My clients are successful leaders & businesses who know they have more to achieve & give, and want to fast-track opportunity. My track-records & the results I deliver testify of my unique approach’s success.

To stop wasting time, failing to reach potential and start boosting growth, let’s have a conversation! 


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