Sally Henderson
Change Mentor

About Sally

achieve higher.

Live Fuller.

Laugh Louder.

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I offer two decades of experience in successfully driving in-depth leadership transformation with exceptional senior figures in world-renowned organisations.

I am not afraid to challenge convention in order to achieve your ambition. Together, we will work across a variety of highly commercial, personal and practical business change needs to deliver greater results faster.

A bit about me…

From reverse mentoring my then lovely boss (way before it was a “thing”) at the tender age of just 14 on how to handle turning 60, to being a proven Change Mentor now, I’ve always known my role and purpose is to help and serve others.

My first entrepreneurial venture was to launch and grow my own successful recruitment company which stood out from the crowd as we were simply bloody honest and relentless with integrity. This was me hiding in plain sight. Even when I grew my own career into pure senior Executive Search, I knew I had to follow my passion. Despite this meaning I had to stop running my business and say goodbye to safety, security and a ready ego-fix of how well-known and “successful” I had become in my previous world.

You see, I was never a Headhunter. I was always a Change Mentor.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah. I’ve learnt buckets, as well as cried them when making change myself; which at times was almost beyond hard and testing, as great ambition often is. My approach and ability to make a big difference super-quickly comes from real-life experience, a natural gift for my craft and many many hours in the saddle helping others achieve the career, leadership and business of their dreams.

I’m a wife to a hugely talented Garden Designer and Mother to two fast-growing boys – who remain my hardest-to-please client of all yet teach me the most. And one day I’ll finally feel ready to get a dog!


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