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3 Small Words with a Massive Impact


... on your Leadership & Business

And if I were a betting woman, I'd bet that one of these, if not all three, is probably blocking your growth & development as a leader, and therefore the potential & profit of your business right now.

• T I M E •

 There's an illusion around time when it comes to leadership development in the creative industry. I too often hear the phrase: “I’d love to invest in development, if only I had the time” - sounds familiar?
Here's the thing: you do have the time. Trust me. When you invest in safe space to think effectively and access new ideas and approaches, you end up saving far more time than the hours required for the initial learning.
In addition, the benefit & impact of effective leadership development are a life-long learning, not a quick fix!


• M O N E Y •

You're ready to invest time to stop experiencing the same ground-hog day of problems, but are now facing another wall: BUDGET.
Let's break it: investing money in leadership development is guaranteed to yield a R.O.I to the business far higher than the professional & personal cost of putting up with burn out, lost productivity & switched off talent. Yet, too many creative businesses carry on losing precious budget on bad recruitment, disengaged teams, & therefore missed opportunity. 

Happier, more effective leaders:

  • Create stronger, more productive teams
  • Build more effective relationships internally & externally
  • Therefore retain key talent & clients far better

The result? A richer experience & life all round - a no-brainer, really.

• W I L L •

As when the will is there, everything else is achievable in a business (including time & money!). All it takes sometimes is a creative approach!

Here's a concrete example:

A new global client recently engaged me to support a key leader in successfully developing into a more senior role. Initially, this was going to be a problem, due to standard process and timings.

However, my client's determination to invest in this key talent led to creating circumnavigating ways around the blocks, to make the change happen quickly. Remember the saying “where there's a will, there’s a way"?



Whilst the focus here is on tackling what's hindering your Leadership Growth, the same rules apply when it comes to your people.

You can’t buy emotional loyalty, the “extra mile”, but you can access it, nurture it, attract, retain, build and benefit from it.

Because whilst success depends on skills, talent, advice, strategy, etc., none of this is accessible without the will to invest. To engage, challenge & achieve what others deem to be impossible.

After all, isn’t that the ultimate quest of any creative business: to do for your clients what your competition can’t?


With Great Leadership!

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