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Are you on autopilot or making active decisions?


It’s a sunny August day in Ilkley. I’m on family holiday, visiting my parents, when I get a text ping through. It’s from my wonderful Assistant and Marketing guru. But with these fateful words:

“Are you free for a quick chat?”

My heart tightens, as from just 7 words, I can sense I’m about to enter a new period of change.

Yes, I knew I was only ever going to work with this person for a limited period of time, but knowing that didn’t make the fact that time was coming to an end any easier to handle.

Now, considering I am a Change Mentor, you’d think I would embrace this new change with ease - full of positivity, curiosity and confidence - right?

You know where I’m going with this… The truth is, like every high-performing leader out there, I have doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, etc. So, the reality was that I felt scared, worried and low. I knew this change was ultimately positive and healthy, but that didn’t stop me wanting to resist it!

Bottom line: we are all dealing with change all the time.

Some is great, some is bad, and yes, some is downright shite! The difference between being able to ride (and enjoy!) the wave of change, or sinking into the depths, struggling to come up for air, is simply our very own approach.

And here’s where I want to share one of the biggest yet simplest tips I have on how to handle change when it comes knocking, whether you want it or not. The secret is this:

You have to make active choices.

Yep, it’s that simple.

So, how did I end up handling this unwanted situation? I first allowed myself a day to feel negative about the change (we are all human after all!), before making the active decision of committing to embrace it as a new exciting opportunity.

I captured a few examples of the positive impact this had on me:

  • I slept better!

  • I felt curious and excited, instead of fearful and negative

  • I didn’t dwell in bad energy and thinking

  • I took practical action to be in control and drive towards making successful change

  • I got to connect with a whole new world of talent and energy that can support me, my business and my clients -opportunity I would have missed if this change hadn’t occurred

  • and the energy I used to drive all my engagement around the change was far more productive and enjoyable to experience. Both for me and others!

So next time you are responsible for driving change you haven’t initiated as a high-performing leader, just stop to check in with yourself (and your team) and ask:

Am I on autopilot, or am I making active decisions?

The latter is what will enable you to put yourself, your team and your business in the best situation to benefit from the experience and results. And if you want to dig deeper into how you can make the transition from autopilot to active decisions in an easy, enjoyable and effective way, let’s get a call in the diary!

sally henderson