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Are your emotions threatening your success?


How are you feeling?

I was talking with a senior leader recently who is having a tough time. They are in a successful business, have worked over many years to build it to a level of “success”, and also have a growing family. On many levels, life is great. Yet, they are having a tough time.

Why? Because their emotions are not in the right place. 

As a result:

  • There is conflict in the senior leadership team that is not being addressed for fear of conflict
  • Energy is very low because clear boundaries are not in place
  • The leadership team structure is not the right one for the scale of the business which is causing problems with talent
  • Personal and professional identities are at war. The age-old challenge of how to balance the needs of a young family with an ambitious business
  • They question their own leadership and how successful it is because most of what they know is “self-taught”
  • They are stuck in the day-to-day with no time to come up for air to focus on longer term planning
  • Staff are leaving because the culture isn’t stable
  • They are operating from a place of stress and tension so their body is literally hurting and they are not in flow

This is quite a long list, yet I see these challenges - and many more - playing out every day in “successful” creative businesses.


The result?

Tired, stressed leaders, and businesses that are missing out on full potential and opportunity.

The root cause? Emotion. Simple. 

Our emotions dictate how we experience the world we live in. Think on this for a moment. Two people can live the exact same life, but have totally different experiences depending on how they read and react to events and others.


So, let me ask you again. How are you feeling? 

And I mean really feeling? Have you even given yourself permission to stop to truly consider the question?

Imagine how different your life and work would be with full consciousness about how your emotions are impacting on your behaviour and leadership style? When you are “Emotionally Fit" as I call it, you:

  • Are more empowered and empowering
  • Achieve greater fulfilment (whatever that means to you)
  • Can live life and work on your terms
  • Rid yourself of unnecessary “baggage”
  • Become equipped with behaviours and thinking that are right for the leader you are NOW, and the leader you will be in the future.

As you know I like my articles to be practical so here is one of my frameworks to help you have a quick check-in on your emotions and the steps to take to thrive as a leader:


Next time someone asks you, or you ask another “how are you feeling?”, don’t be on autopilot: pause, take a deep breath, and really ask yourself “how am I feeling?”.

Most people are surprised by the answer when they allow themselves to be honest in their reply. I’d love to hear what happens for you?

And when listening to someone else, really listen. How’s their voice tone, eye contact, body language? How someone answers this question will often tell you far more than what they actually say. But only if you notice!

And if things come up for you that you wish to deal with to let go of, or magnify to have more of, to achieve greater results faster for business growth, leadership development or career success, I am here.


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