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What's your lens and how does it affect you at work?

Our beliefs shape how we think feel and act. The "Lens" you put over your world of work will shape the reality you focus on, positive or negative. If you believe work is positive you will look for all the reasons to back this up. Equally if you believe it to be negative you will look for reasons to back up this. Neither is true by the way - it's only "true" based on your perception!

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Want successful leadership recruitment? Get clear. Get results.

We all know the story, senior person leaves, owners/leadership team think:

“Oh sh**te what do we do now?”

No-one pauses for breath. Usual suspects get called up in the headhunting world and the same ineffective, old-fashioned Executive Search process splutters into life.  Bodies from an anticipated network, who haven’t been properly briefed or had their career needs fully understood in the first place, get “sold” a great opportunity, or go along anyway because “Hey one day they will be right for the role so better not p*ss off the Headhunter” and everyone loses energy, time and money. And so, it goes around again.

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Imagine your business if every person in it behaved as your best people do? 

I love helping people love what they do at work.  It’s the best thing in the world when I see clients to go from frustrated to thriving, stuck to fast-tracking success and transform from being on auto-pilot to being connected and inspired by their world.  And I am on a mission to reach as many people as I can to stop wasted potential, missed opportunity and stalled careers / business growth.

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