Sally Henderson
Change Mentor




How do you find making change at work?

Do you find change at work easy and effective?  Or stressful, worrying and hard to control?

My experience shows me most organisations and leaders struggle when it comes to making successful change at work. Why? Because the simple and obvious things get overlooked or forgotten about completely. This causes:

- Huge lost opportunity
- Fragmented teams
- Frustrated leaders and weakened culture
- Wasted investment
- Missing out on attracting great talent as people get wind the company isn't growing as planned
- Less profit equalling less investment giving disgruntled staff and clients.

And so the circle goes round!

I have spent the last 20 years+ advising leading creative organisations and their Boards on how to make successful change at work. I will be sharing how to avoid the above pains and my "3C's for Successful Change" at an intimate leadership event in London oct 17th.

Early-bird tickets available for a limited time - Reserve your place as numbers are restricted!

sally henderson