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How having my own mentor helped me reach my 2017 goals faster!

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What a year 2017 has been! 

I have had the privilege to work with amazing and inspirational clients and companies, and seen the amazing progress and growth that can be achieved through Executive Mentoring.

Indeed, I have immensely benefitted myself working with a great Mentor this year, who has helped me significantly grow my International Executive Mentoring practice on a global level. 

If you are thinking about change for yourself, your leadership and/or your business in 2018, this is what I have learnt from Executive Mentoring this year - both from the clients I have successfully mentored through change, and my own professional growth: 

  • Executive Mentoring will help you see the world in a whole new light, with perspectives that were previously denied to you through your outdated beliefs and views.

  • You will achieve a lot more in a much more effective way, with the help of a great mentor that is both guiding and challenging you.

  • There is a hard way and an easier way to embrace and succeed with change. Working with a Mentor is definitely the easier and more productive road! 

  • Investing in an Executive Mentor is actually not a cost: the R.O.I that is available to you and your business - through fast-tracking growth, removing blocks and having more energy to make great things happen - more than covers any “fee”.

  • The world is bigger, better and full of opportunity when you have an objective partner dedicated to helping your talent and dreams flourish! 

Let's talk about your growth and ambition for 2018: drop me a line and we'll fix a time!

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas break. I for one am unplugging from today to totally recharge and reboot when I will be back all guns blazing on January 3rd. 

Thank you for being part of my tribe and I look forward to sharing what 2018 has in store for both of us! 

Happy Christmas & New Year! 


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