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How High-Performing Leaders balance theirs & their business’s needs


People often look to be right about something, even when it doesn't help them move forward positively.

It's the power and often destructive impact of the 'inner critic' we all have.

In the fast pace of work, we are so busy being 'busy' that we often operate in total ignorance of what's going on in our head: the voice that chips away at confidence, performance and happiness.

As a High-Performing Leader, it is of vital importance that you do not get caught in this, so you can not only be the role model and inspiration you want to be in your business, but also relax to have the healthy amount of energy required to do so.

How to achieve this balance? Get started by ensuring you make time to:

    It may sound obvious, but planning time to relax, connect, meditate and simply “be” does help you re-center  and re-power.
  • PLAN
    Leaders like to be in control. Conflict and disharmony in teams are often the result of people not being clear enough on where a business is heading and how.
    In these times of pressure, it is important to give permission to invest in celebrating achievements. Allocate time, budget, and space to do this well.
  • TALK
    We are tribal beings. Meaning we like to belong and know how we are valued. This is where communication comes as a vital element to obtain clarity.

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Sally Henderson is an International Results-Based Executive Mentor on a mission to stop businesses wasting money on poor recruitment and actively invest in their people to make the world of work work.

Sally is a passionate advocate of supporting those leaders in the demanding and often mis-understood role of Managing Director in the creative industry to boost performance and help leaders thrive in a healthy and transformational way.

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