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How's your fear doing right now?

Firmly in a box or leaping around all over the place?

Fear is an interesting thing - I have a love/hate thing with it! Whilst I love growing & pushing myself, which I need this for my professional sanity, engaging with fear rarely is a nice or comfortable thing.

Taking on big hairy challenges, reaching for goals that push you & test you is uncomfortable - that's the whole point! And fear can be the biggest assassin when it comes to seeing change through successfully at work, as it tends to hold companies & people back.

Why? See below:

- We are all emotional creatures 

We have feelings, fears, hopes & dreams, yet emotion is often left out in the cold when it comes to change at work.

- Emotions set you up for success or failure.

Your subconscious will look for the story & lens that your "naked truth' wants proved. Meaning that the beliefs you have about the change will be the only evidence you look for.

- You need the right friends to take with you on the journey 

People tend to throw their monkeys on your back, when you go for things they are too scared and fearful to do. So having the right entourage is a crucial element to your development, success and sanity!

- Use your fear to fuel you not freeze you

Change your perception of fear, and start seeing it as a sign that your body and mind are getting ready for battle - and simply go for it!

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Go for what you want, don't let fear win!

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