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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a High Performer


High Performing Leaders. They're exciting, challenging & inspirational to partner with - right?

Would you class yourself as a High Performer? What does this “label” conjure up for you:

  • Yes, that’s me right there
  • I wish I could be one, but am not good enough
  • People think of me as one, but that’s because they don’t really know me. I'll get found out eventually.

Here’s the interesting thing.

It's not uncommon for High Performing clients of mine to visibly cringe when I associate them with that term at the start at our work together.


Because many (so many!) of us are constantly distracted, disconnected & doubtful about our true skill, talent & potential at work, meaning that, too often, our inner critic ends up getting the most air-time in the thinking & conversations with our “self”.

The result? Missed opportunity in work & life. For yourself & those that are closest to you.

Because yes, a distracted, disconnected & doubtful person at work will often mirror the cause and/or effect in their lives outside of work, and vice-versa.

So how can you overcome this to comfortably & naturally take your place on the stage of a High Performer in your own unique way?

Here are a few practical ideas & tips I share with my clients:

  • Be brave enough to pause & come up for air from engrained habit & established, yet out of date, thinking patterns. This takes will-power, curiosity & practical action. Just like it did for a recent client of mine, here.
  • Get actively conscious on the messages, stories & beliefs you're telling yourself every day about how you are performing, experiencing & showing up in the world. A little trick I teach is to keep an emoji diary for 2 weeks for each day, to see the patterns & emotions that are impacting on you & others. Being able to see the patterns will equip you to change them in the best way.
  • Seek out feedback. It’s the fuel in your motor for growth & positive change. But only when you know what to do with the feedback & how to apply it! (The great Chris Barez-Brown has a superb video on this with a simple framework to apply)
  • Invest in finding the right Mentor, Coach, Professional Advisor will fast-track your results & ability to change. I know because I walk-the-walk of working with Mentors myself, as well as being one!
  • Go through my 3 C's Programme to make successful change at work . It’s helped countless of my clients to be true high performers by becoming greater leaders, building better business & living richer lives. You can get your free copy here.


If you have read this far, then you are probably keen to develop yourself professionally or others under your watch as a leader so let me leave you with this saying I use with every new client:

“Change has got to start with change”

I’d love to hear what this means to you and what you are committed to changing to be a fantastic High Performer in a healthy and positive way - let's have a chat!


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