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How to successfully invest in your Leadership Development as a Rising MD


When you're in the role of MD and rising in the leadership ranks, often your own professional needs and development get left off the list - despite best intentions! 

I have been mentoring and advising leaders in the creative industry for over 20 years. Time and time again the role of MD is the most misunderstood and overlooked. 

Here are my top tips for setting up for success as a RISING MD:

  1. Is the leadership team & rest of the business clear, and I mean really CLEAR, on the role you do verses the role they assume you're doing?
  2. Have you got clear objectives to keep working towards what will motivate & grow you in the right way?
  3. Are you clear on the skills, experience & knowledge you have now gained as MD & the skills, experience & knowledge you still need to gain to continue to grow and thrive in the role & your leadership?
  4. Once you're clear on point 3, make a plan to boost the strengths & overcome the weaknesses. Make this time-bound with investment to support.
  5. Have you recently checked in with your achievements to-date? The small wins as well as the big? Recognising & celebrating success will give you greater fuel & motivation.
  6. Is it time to re-contract your role within the business in terms of boundaries, remit & rewards? No-one likes to be taken for granted!

It is my passion for 2018 and beyond that more creative businesses, and those in the role of Managing Director, benefit from investing in professional growth and supported leadership development.

My bespoke programmes are specifically designed to help you get greater results faster, offering not only tailored executive mentoring, but also a series of events (Round-Tables and Free Webinars) and tools (Free Audit and eBooks) there to help you gain clarity on your motivations, values, goals, and how to confidently commit to achieving professional development.

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