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How Stuck Thinking is Damaging your Leadership and Business

I am constantly amazed at the bountiful budgets that are available for ineffective, poorly planned and highly risky senior recruitment, yet budget to invest in already acquired specialist, rare and key talent remains a big ask for most creative businesses. And it’s costing lost profit, performance and amazing people.

In my mission to make the World of Work Work and #MakeADifference, I want to see investment in leadership become an industry norm in the creative sector. Without this the future looks bleak. Here are just a few examples of the stuck thinking in the creative sector that’s holding back great change and opportunity:

  • People have been banging on about the war for talent for years now. But behaviour hasn’t changed. Old bad and lazy recruiting habits are still acceptable to the majority of creative businesses. This turns away the best talent and leaves the key talent in the businesses devoid of working with fresh inspiring folk
  • There’s a real trend to talk about the power of “creative leadership” currently and with the rise of A.I how the only true competitive human advantage will come from the power to have the best creative ideas. Yep all makes sense yet let me ask this question.

“How on earth are leaders meant to come up with their best creative ideas when they are coping with overwhelm, lack of job clarity, no investment in their growth and development, high stress levels, low energy, an industry that is changing faster than you can blink with out of date working practices such as no training on leadership or bespoke professional skill development?”

Last time I looked, to come up with great ideas, creativity, have the bravery to challenge convention and put the enormous amount of energy that is required to get people to change requires happy, motivated and supported leaders.

  • Too many leaders are experiencing the stifling mundanity that is Groundhog Day. Too busy firefighting and dealing with stressful demands to come up for air and think strategically about their business and their own professional needs. And no-one in the business has the space, capacity, budget or objectivity to deal with this well
  •  Because investing in leaders is still viewed as a luxury, reserved for only the very top of the leadership tree and not to be used for the leadership team as a whole, roadmaps for effective and targeted leadership development are missing.
  • Leaders achieve professional change by being headhunted. This is a huge waste of investment, talent and opportunity. Of course, people will move on, it’s natural, however when I used to be a Headhunter I helped many a business profit (they just didn’t know it then!) from retaining key talent longer through giving honest, objective advice and helping leaders overcome negative beliefs that weren’t actually real, they were a result of lack of investment, recognition and connection. Going to market was too soon for these leaders and not actually the right solution. Sadly, though most headhunters will want to get leadership talent into the market asap so it’s a lose/lose over a win/win for all involved. 

And I could go on and on but I know my readers are time-poor busy people! I am sure the above is painting the picture that is the massive missed opportunity that is negatively affecting the majority of creative businesses and leaders NOW!

Here’s my call to action and plea to the industry. Change has to start with change. Did you know for the same budget it costs to hire a junior newbie into your business with no guarantee of success or R.O.I, you can transform the leadership, energy, beliefs and performance of a key leader?

Not only will this person experience a world of work that works because they are getting the right professional support and investment, but this investment (it’s not a cost!) will multiply like happy gremlins (not the bad guys!) to touch everyone this leader engages with. And this happens inside and outside your business. (remember the same is happening when the leader is stressed, negative and under-performing!)

Now imagine that effect being magnified across your whole leadership team. The results are incredibly powerful. (E.G. I have helped leaders secure key internal promotions 12 months sooner than would have been possible without Mentoring).

And I have saved the best till last perhaps, to do my bit, #MakeADifference and get the positive effects of Executive Mentoring into more creative business I am currently offering FREE #BeBrilliant Leader and #BeBrilliant MD Audits to fast-track self-awareness, opportunity and positive impact.

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