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How to create a winning Talent Experience

There's a lot of buzz around VR recently but VR can't connect on an instinctive emotive or human level..yet! So whilst we still have the power to influence others in person, shouldn't we make the most of it!?

Recently I have I have been hearing from clients that it is tough to find the right talent let alone create a positive engagement. Now this isn't a new concept but let me give you 3 reasons for this:

1) The market is disrupted in terms of the choice now available to great talent In the past choice for talent was very linear. Choose a discipline and choose from an established player or up-and-coming. Now it’s choose from a variety of disciplines and if you can’t find the right company set up your own!

2) Talent is a fickle beast When I started in recruitment many moons ago anything less that 3 years in a job was viewed as “high movement”. Now 3 years is viewed as long term! With the new generation of talent wanting more experience and perhaps not having the same resilience as past generations to stick with roles to work through challenges, it’s harder to spot the real stars and retain them

3) Creative businesses aren’t investing in talent attraction The Creative Industry is badly missing a trick. There is very little investment in critical recruitment training, a re-active approach to talent planning and lack of clarity around what the real brief is in the first place. All this, and more, results in tired hiring managers wasting time, money and energy meeting the wrong people. When the right person is in front of them they are often too jaded to see it or too weak in talent engagement to be attractive

So it is even more vital companies seize the advantage and creative distinctive, informative and compelling Talent Experiences to attract and retain the best. To prevent your business making easily avoidable mistakes and getting lost in a noisy market, apply my S.H.I.N.E Talent Attraction framework to your business to be a destination employer brand for great people:

- STOP being on auto-pilot and stuck in old bad habits when it comes to planning for successful talent attraction. Change starts with change!

- HONE in on the real talent needs of the business, what this means in terms of candidate profile and therefore the right attraction messages needed to stand out in a crowded market. 8/10 of the stories creative businesses are sharing about themselves to talent are out-of-date or misjudged in terms of the “hot buttons” prospective talent is looking for. In the worst case interviewers don’t even share a story as they presume the person wants to work there and there is no “sell” required

 - INVEST in vital recruitment skills training and creating a distinctive talent experience. Recruitment training is the quickest most cost-effective way to fast-track your company’s ability to attract the right talent. People don’t want 3 disjointed interviews. They never did! Talent wants to get to know your business, what you stand for, what makes you unique and different and relevant to their career development in a progressive and engaging manner

- NOTICE who are your natural brand ambassadors in your business and actively enrol them in driving talent attraction from the inside out. So often there is amazing internal resource that doesn’t get used because no-one is actively committed to creating an amazing talent experience

- ENROL your talent panel to play their part brilliantly, authentically and consistently. I have seen nightmare interviews from my previous recruitment career when just one bad apple in the recruitment experience totally derailed what could have been an amazing match. This costs a creative business vital talent that had often been months in the making. Great talent is rare so let’s stop risking bad results from poor players.

I will be sharing more practical advice and frameworks for Owners, Directors and Leaders of creative businesses at my Shine Brighter Roundtable: Attract & Retain Top Talent on April 26th. Please lookhere for more details and to reserve your place as numbers are limited.

The results I am seeing from creative businesses who are actively investing in their people and talent are so motivating:

  • Key talent priorities and solutions identified through talent diagnostics
  • Leaders developing through “feel great to do great” Executive Mentoring
  • Better talent engagement and acquisition through investing in recruitment training and talent attraction

I would love to hear about your people and talent challenges and how I can help. Please email to arrange a call.