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Is interviewing helping or damaging your business?

How much time is wasted through ineffective interviewing in your business? Do you even know

Interviewing is something that can be taught and developed. It isn’t however always a natural skill for those that find themselves in the interviewers chair.  When interviews happen badly here’s what happens:

  • Frustration builds in your business as you keep missing out on great talent
  • Precious time and resources are wasted in not meeting or converting the right talent
  • Established talent gets de-motivated as the right people fail to join the team so pressure builds and the quality of work / relationships suffers
  • Growth cannot be achieved either culturally or commercially
  • Every day seems that little bit harder than the last when gaps in the team become the norm

From the thousands of interviews I have personally delivered or supported my clients with, it’s vital that you are clear on the talent need you are looking for in the first place.  The norm sadly tends to be panic buying blind dates in the hope something will work out if you kiss enough frogs!

Here are my 5C’s to set up for interview success by getting clear on what you are looking for:

1) Culture Match

It’s a classic that you can teach new skills but you cant teach values.  A strong match on culture is the bedrock for any successful hire.  (of course to do this you need to be clear on your culture and values which often gets overlooked in the talent piece)

2) Competency Requirement

Do you know the skills, experience and knowledge you really need for this hire?  Have you stopped to reassess against the market, client needs and the goals of your business?  Most of the time agencies hire in the shadow of previous roles, even when they didn’t work out!

3) Client Match

When you are recruiting for a specific client or account taking a moment to articulate the right values, character and style for a given client, group of clients or market will enable you to identify the right profile faster with more accuracy

4) Commercial Results

What does this hire need to deliver to your business commercially and in what time frame? It’s important to be honest and clear with candidates on what’s expected from them in terms of tangible commercial results. It can get missed in the urgency to recruit that one person’s exciting challenge is another’s idea of a nightmare!

5) Career Match

All recruitment should deliver maximum return-on-investment and not be a plaster over a bigger problem. By understanding the career advancement with the role, or sometimes lack of, and the timeframes involved helps connect with motivation and match on energy and ambition. All essential for building effective teams and setting up for succession planning and effective retention.

I hope this has helped to shape your thinking on your recruitment and talent needs. If you do just the 5C’s you will be in a stronger position than the 85% of creative agencies out there who don’t!

I have many more tools designed from my 20 years' experience and workshops to fast-track better talent management in your business. I’d love to understand what’s frustrating you right now from a people and talent point of view and how I can change this.

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