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Talent is so misunderstood. Find out how to understand yours!

I am on a mission to rid the creative industry of shoddy people practices and common avoidable mistakes when it comes to identifying, attracting and retaining exceptional leaders and talent. So often the problems arise because talent already invested in is simply not being understood effectively. This causes huge problems such as poor morale, low performance, damaged (sometimes brutal) relationships. And the list goes on!

My Talent & Development Diagnostic was designed specifically so my clients can get clear on the real issues blocking growth and higher performance and get smart on the best ways to invest in people.

What makes a Talent & Development Diagnostic so important?  From my career (which for those of you that know me well is over 20 years now) I have seen that:

  • So many creative agencies waste tens of thousands of pounds on ineffective recruitment and losing talent, when they could have kept that talent with just a bit more understanding and awareness around the key challenges and needs.
  • Creative businesses often don't know what they don't know about their talent, so think "Until a talent problem smacks us in the face we'll just keep going looking after the clients"
  • Everybody in a creative business has their own subjective view and has an agenda, no matter how selfless we might like to think we are. No-one is objective and independent when it comes to people and talent

How will A Talent & Development Diagnostic benefit you?

I hear clients say all the time "People are everything in the creative industry. Without people, we have nothing." So, it's time to get smart, it's time to put money where your mouth is creative agencies, and invest in your best asset – people!

A Talent & Development Diagnostic provides 4 key vital results:

  1. Gain an Emotional Pulse Check. Do you really know how people are feeling in your business? The emotions that drive that performance will dictate the results. If your agency slips into fear and reaction and dread, then by nature, people are not going to perform well. You will not attract and retain the best talent if your core emotions are not healthy
  2. Gain an audit around the people and a talent you've already invested in, within your business. A lot of agencies don't know what they have already in terms of talent and potential. It makes no sense to lose great talent to go out and buy other talent that might not be as good 
  3. Find out how attractive is your brand in the market to talent. Is your employer brand being received and understood as you think it is? Is the story you're sharing with the market out-of-date and failing to connect in the right way with the talent you desperately need for your business? 
  4. Get clear on the retention opportunities that are already present and crying out for attention in your business. When you lose your best people you lose emotional loyalty, intellectual knowledge, and most importantly the client relationships that you rely on suffer.

To recap, a Talent & Development Diagnostic is so important for any aspiring creative business because:

  • It stops you being in the dark
  • Helps you understand priorities, solutions with an action plan
  • Gets you clear on how people are feeling
  • Informs you about the talent you have already
  • Plays back how attractive you are in the market to talent and where you can make some quick wins
  • Educates how to retain your best people better

Through a Talent & Development Diagnostic you will see better results, better profit, and you will have happier, more fulfilled people who, at the end of the day, are your best asset.  

ACTION: To find out how a Talent & Development Diagnostic can take away your people pains and fast-track results get in touch to book a call 

INVITATION: For those of you inspired to take more action to attract and retain talent better, here’s an invitation to owners and directors of independent creative businesses to join me at my Shine Brighter Roundtable on April 26th in central London. Full details and tickets can be found here.

COMING SOON: Watch out for my “Shine Brighter Interview Series”. I will be highlighting leaders and organisations in the creative industry who are actively investing in people and talent, and reaping the rewards for doing so.

If you would like to nominate your business (and others!) as a champion of people and talent I’d love to hear from you



I am an International Executive Mentor and believes everyone has a right to be happy and effective at work. I like to think of myself as a combination of an extra shot of espresso, the 6th gear that fires up your acceleration and the coach cheering your team! Personally, I’ve been described as intuitive, honest, caring and commercially savvy.  I enjoy working in partnerships with people to provide clarity, support and healthy challenge. And I love what I do!