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Is your business wasting or making the most of its resources?

is your business wasting or making the most of its resources?

Whats' the first, and I mean instant, reaction you get when I say "Leadership Development"?

I find it generally ranges from:

  • "I don't need that I'm fine as I am"
  • "I know that would massively help but I don't have the budget"
  • "I don't have the time"

  • "Yes it's so important to keep learning, growing and not get subconsciously stuck"
  • "I love it. I wouldn't be where I am today without it"

Of course, I am a fan of the last two! But I often find that leaders, owners and directors - especially in the creative sector - fall into the former comments. And it is wasting SO MUCH opportunity.

I have a saying that goes "creative businesses are very comfortable losing money in an established way". They throw money at poorly planned and badly delivered recruitment, in the hope it will fix systemic problems.

All growth, development and success comes down the to the abilities and focus of the leadership team.

Imagine how your business or team will transform if you can access even just 2% more of their potential, motivation and performance? That translates into serious cash.

You will run a more effective business, service your clients better, attract high-calibre talent, fully engage and retain the resources and skills of the talent you have and avoid throwing money at bad recruitment.

Let's get started!

I find that a lot of my clients are often keen to invest in their or their business's Leadership, but simply don't know where to start. With that in mind, I have created a #BrilliantLeader Audit, specifically designed to identify your and your business's needs, to understand how you can get where you and your business want to be. 

In addition to the Audit, the free eBooks and videos available on my website explore the issues commonly faced by ambitious leaders like you, with tips and tools to tackle them in an efficient and durable way.

Successful change is just a few clicks away: secure your #BrilliantLeader Audit now (places limited).


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Sally Henderson is an International Results-Based Executive Mentor on a mission to stop businesses wasting money on poor recruitment and actively invest in their people to make the world of work work.

Sally is a passionate advocate of supporting those leaders in the demanding and often mis-understood role of Managing Director in the creative industry to boost performance and help leaders thrive in a healthy and transformational way.

If you are an MD looking to develop your leadership and business go to to find out more about her work, as well as the free resources, webinars, #ShineBrighter Round-Tables and Results-Based Executive Mentoring that is proven to help you fast-track greater results.

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