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Managing Directors know exactly what they're doing, right?


What answer do you think comes back 95% of the time, when I ask ambitious MDs I work with what they dislike the most about their role?

  • Having to make people redundant

  • Feeling isolated

  • Or the undefined nature of their role & its boundaries?

Whilst the three answers do pretty much always come up in that conversation, there’s one that prevails - can you guess which one?

The answer is isolation.

And as an ambitious leader yourself, the following will probably sound and feel familiar.

Being an MD too often means being stuck in limbo between the needs of your team below, and the demands of the C-suite above. With that feeling of isolation can also come a great amount of pressure and a fear of showing vulnerability against everybody’s expectations - after all, aren't you in this role because you know exactly what you’re doing?

As a result, many ambitious leaders end up working even harder to cover up the cracks instead of reaching out, hoping doubts will fade away with time & experience.

But of course, they don’t.

In fact, that imposter syndrome will carry on stealing precious time & energy until you address it. And the first step towards ridding yourself of it is to realise that there are plenty of high-performing leaders out there feeling the same way - only you probably couldn’t tell because, like you, they’re putting a great amount of efforts and energy into making sure their mask doesn't show any cracks.

I started holding my Leadership Round-Tables a year ago, to give the MDs and CEOs hungry to achieve more the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment. And guess what?

Having the time & space to share experiences with other ambitious leaders has helped them break that sense of isolation that too often comes with their role.

The result?

They were able to pause for a couple of hours, regain control over the precious time & energy wasted on masking their cracks so far, and repurpose those resources towards becoming a greater Leader and doing better business. How? By allowing themselves to be vulnerable, because as Brené Brown puts it:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” - or three elements vital to the success of any creative business.

But I get it, dropping the mask is not an easy process when you're already feeling isolated. This is why I limit the number of seats and personally facilitate each session, to ensure every attendee is able to share or listen to experiences and tips, according to their needs, and comes away with a greater sense of support and clarity about the challenges and grey areas of their role. The sense of support carries on with the creation of an alumni that attendees are free to join, should they wish to keep in touch with the like-minded leaders met at the event.

As mentioned, seats are limited and tend to sell out quickly - simply drop me a quick line here and I'll make sure you’re kept informed of our next Leadership Round-Table gathering.

If the imposter syndrome is totally hindering your performance, and that you're fed up with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and isolated, and want to gain greater control over your leadership growth and impact, let's have a quick chat or meet up for a coffee - seriously:

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