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Managing Directors - What is your job?



Both experience and research have shown me that the majority of Managing Directors are unable to effectively answer this simple question:

“What is your job?”

Managing Director (MD) is one of those roles that can mean everything and that, as a result, runs the risk of not being defined, understood or properly rewarded.

Whether you are a seasoned MD, newly appointed MD or MD in the making, here are the 4 ways to set up for success as an Managing Director (these guidelines for any leadership role).

  • Get CLEAR on your role.

Without a clear job spec, how can you target your effort effectively? How can you measure success and have the confidence that you are meeting professional expectations?

  • Know your BOUNDARIES.

Once you are clear on your role, make sure you and the rest of the leadership team are clear on theirs. This will help you define where your role stops and starts in terms of decision making, influence, responsibility and accountability.

  • Define YOUR NEEDS. 

Given the fast pace of work, leadership development is often the last thing to receive time, energy, focus or investment in a business - something I regularly see happening in creative organisations! Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses can often lead to succeed through a messy trial and error approach, at best. I have developed a tool to help ambitious leaders get clear on how to achieve greater results faster - get in touch here to obtain a digital copy

  • Only fools do not value FEEDBACK.

Feedback is the oxygen for successful change. So make sure you have a plan to get AND give healthy feedback, backing it up with an easy-to-implement action-plan that enables you to not only boost the strengths but also block and tackle the weaknesses.


Using this tool will help you clarify and define the responsibilities and boundaries of your role as a Managing Director. Such clarity is essential for you to ensure your work meets not only your business's, but also your own needs, and enable you to positively develop your leadership - whether or not you are new to your role.

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