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Matches VS Batteries


August is the time for leaders to recharge before the start of the year’s last and busiest quarter.

But with eight months’ worth of hard work and often stress, it is also a time where leaders and teams are likely to feel burnt out - and 2 weeks in Ibiza isn’t going to solve that.

Burn out is like a match: once it burns, it won’t light again - you simply need to put down the burnt match and pick up a fresh new one. This leads me to tell you: let’s be batteries - rechargeable and ready to fuel left, right and centre!

Not the most glamorous thing I could liken you to, I know, but in today's world of work, you need diversity in your people, and to be agile to move from one thing to another quickly. And that takes energy and positive power.

The question is how do you get from match to battery?

3 years ago, I was feeling burnt out. I was leading a successful career as an executive Head Hunter, but would barely spend any real quality time with my children as I was always "on" for work. I also knew I had more to offer my clients. I needed something to change. What did I do? I took a leap out of my established career, created a more balanced life for myself and started to build a dedicated mentoring practice to offer greater value to my clients - and here I am today!

Then again, how do you make sure you keep your battery recharged?

Again, being a battery is all about balance - one that ensures your practical and emotional needs are met. And the clever way to do that is to gain awareness of your unique motivations, but also of your values (download your free copy of my ebook to help you define yours, here). Here's where having a mentor to work with can have a huge impact in helping you recharge not only yourself, but also your whole team, to be more balanced, fuelled, effective and happy!

Here is what you need to remember: change has to start with change.

And the scary thing is that 2019 will be here before you know it. So let’s equip you against the threat of burn out - let’s grab a coffee in September

If you’ve made up your mind and are keen to end the year on a high and set yourself for a successful 2019, let’s just get on with it!

sally henderson