Sally Henderson
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Let's talk motivation

Let me ask you a blunt question. Ready?

“How motivated are you at work right now out of 100%?”

Take a moment and write down the number that comes to you instinctively. Not the number you “think” you should put for someone in a leadership role with a really “successful career”. Put the number, whatever it is, that has just popped into your head.

What is that number telling you?  Are you surprised? Are you being honest?

Now here’s another question. If you had to run the same very simple question on certain team members, teams or even your whole organisation, what numbers would you put and what do these numbers tell you?

Wouldn’t it be great to know if what you think is true when it comes to self-motivation, or the motivation levels in your team and business, is actually the reality.

Here’s why motivation matters. Imagine there is a great plane about to take off. It’s got the latest technology, the best crew, amazing food and entertainment. It literally promises to be the flight of your life. There’s just one catch. No-one put the fuel in so it can’t fly anywhere. Literally. 

The same applies to your business. You can have top talent, a great reputation, amazing clients with a record of producing award-winning work, however when your team, and especially your leadership, aren’t motivated here’s what starts to happen:

  • Morale dips and the voluntary extra effort and commitment to excellence will also dip
  • Great talent becomes dis-engaged, bored, frustrated and even sometimes downright disruptive in the hope of provoking change or at least to channel their energy into something (the whole role of the saboteur at work is another subject)
  • Great talent simply leaves in search of a motivation match elsewhere
  • Clients will notice a change in energy and “vibe” in the team as we are after all instinctive beings
  • Results will falter and goals will be missed across innovation, creativity, commercial targets and growth - be that people or business
  • The shine and fulfilment you used to feel from what you do and how you do it will fade and at worst case drown under the new dawn that is de-motivated people

There’s good news however! There is a simple, creative, effective and engaging way you can achieve an accurate read on your own motivation and that of your people. Motivational Map Profiling.

I invested in becoming accredited to deliver Motivational Maps for individuals, teams and companies as I saw a real need in creative organisations to:

  • Quickly understand your people and key talent better
  • Fast-track team understanding, especially at leadership level. So many creative agencies are putting up with ineffective leadership teams or stunted professional growth. Think better the devil you know! Is this you or your organisation?
  • Create the opportunity and the environment for improved performance
  • Better engage with top talent.  When your talent is engaged, motivated, feeling invested in and thriving it will be bloomin hard for a competitor to even tempt them for a coffee let alone for said top talent to leave your business 

As we approach the summer break people start to think about the future. Whether to reinvest where they are, or start to put feelers out for a move later in the year.  Now is the time to be investing in understanding the motivation in yourself and your business to secure the future talent and leadership you are counting on deliver maximum success for 2017 and hit your goals.