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New MD's - 7 tips to set yourself up for success


Are you a leader NEW to the role of Managing Director?


My 20 years+ mentoring and advising leaders in the creative industry have showed me time and time again how the role of MD is the most misunderstood and overlooked. When you're new to the role and, most likely, new to the organisation too, it can be extremely difficult to get an idea of what you simply don’t know - whether it is about what is expected from you, or about the general culture of the business.


Here my top tips for setting up for success as a new MD:

  1. Before you get swamped in the new challenge of business leadership, as well as client / team leadership, take a moment to capture what you have achieved so far in your career that makes you ready for the role of MD. This is your foundation rock to call on when you need it - keep adding to it with small & big wins as you learn & grow!
  2. Now capture what you think you still need to learn, understand, experience, and gain to not just DO the role of Managing Director, but be BRILLIANT in the role of MD before you “go native” in the organisation, or even gain a new level of leadership through an internal promotion. 
  3. What do these 2 lists tell you?
  4. Now create your action plan: how will you boost your strengths & capabilities, and how you will mitigate / deal with the things that couldn’t hold you back if left unchecked?
  5. Make this plan time-bound and allocate people / supporters who can help you both inside your current company & outside.
  6. Set goals from the first day to the first week, month, quarter, 6 months and year, then sense-check these goals with your boss to make sure you are on the same page.
  7. Finally for this quick article, remember to enjoy not knowing! Never again will you be this “new” as an MD, so don’t fight or mask it: relish in curiosity & the opportunity to ask for help!


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