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Powerful change from the inside out




That one thing that will make you, your team and business fly!

Earlier this week, I was honoured to be speaking at the exciting Silicon Beach event, in Bournemouth, about "How to make successful change at work" - which, as you may already know, is a subject I am very passionate about!

Why am I? Because that one element is what will make you, your team, and your business fly, should you dare to get it right! Equally, get it wrong and the impact can be pretty devastating. Not just for you and your business, but also for your wider world and family.

With work being such a massive part of our life, why is it that we too often succumb to passivity, ending up living small or putting our energy into the wrong ventures? Having been guilty of all this myself and having come out the other end, I have dedicated my career to helping companies and leaders get where they aspire to be, through proven methods developed to fast-track results and make successful change.

To get you started, here are some quick wins with big potential destined to help you succeed in making great change at work:

- Make space to know who you are and what you want.

Life is busy and, before you know it, you will look back and think “Damn! THERE was the moment I could have been braver and could have made change, if only I had come up for air!”

- Listen to your intuition

An amazing tool we were all born with and that is totally free, yet we often choose to bypass the thoughts and feelings it produces.

- Surround yourself with the right crowd

Avoid becoming the bearer of other peoples' weakness, whether they’re colleagues or friends. This not only saves a lot of time and energy, but will also boost your productivity. 

- Know your professional values

Clarity on values feeds positive change and attracts the right opportunities!

- Get help

We all benefit from the right wise words of a trusted source. Who's helping you right now? How's that working for you?


Adopt these few tips at work and start enjoying something of great power: the positive results of change!


Do you feel it is time for you or your company to reach true potential?

My events and mentoring programmes are here to help you do just that, through carefully developed and proven methods destined to make you and/or your team grow positively and sustainably. Find out more by browsing my upcoming events and testimonials, or contact me now to arrange an informal coffee and discuss how I can help.

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