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#ShineBrighter Round-Table - What we learnt.


Last week, an intimate group of inspiring Managing Directors joined me for my #ShineBrighter Round-Table in London, which turned out to be a great morning of learning - as much for me as for my attendees!

So, what did we learn?

  1. That MD is a highly demanding role, largely due to the fact that what it implies is too often undefined and varies from business to business.
  2. That being an MD generally comes with very little support, or investment in leadership development, especially in creative agencies.
  3. That the opportunity to get together with peers is a very refreshing one enabling leaders, under Chatham House rules, to hear and learn from challenges faced by fellow leaders.
  4. That once you start scheduling time to start focussing on your needs as a leader, and understand that these go hand-in-hand with the needs of your business, you realise how much opportunity there is to significantly grow and develop with the right investment and support (emotional as well as financial).

A lack of clarity in what an MD does and how to measure success commonly results in leaders being unable to effectively communicate what the responsibilities and boundaries of their role are, potentially creating a gap between performance and expectations, and therefore putting the business and the leader's needs at risk.  This risk can be avoided through targeted professional development and effective leadership support. 

Why waste hard-won money on risky recruitment caused as a result of unstable leadership when your best asset your people, and especially your leaders, can fast-track greater results and security with the right investment? 

Now is the time for the role of the MD to become the agent of change in how creative businesses stop throwing budget at poor people-practice and start equipping with long-term strategies that will support the uncertain ride to come as the market and economy enter the unknown Brexit chapter. Those companies who invest now will avoid the panic and people-pain I have seen the industry experience in previous harsh market climates.

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