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The Importance of Values at Work

Illustration by the talented Natalka Design for Silicon Beach 2017


When I was part of the great event that is Silicon Beach two weeks ago to share my "3C Framework for Successful Change at work” (now available as a leadership development workshop, click here for more details!), what really struck me was the common theme amongst the Speakers over two days about the importance of values at work - something I too talked about.

Interestingly when it came to chatting with the attendees about values and what makes them important, what became quickly apparent, and is something I see a lot in my work, is that most leaders are going through their working life without being clear on their professional values, let alone how to use them effectively.

During my talk, I spoke about the magic number of 5: once you have 5 professional values, you truly have your North Star to help you develop your leadership, build high performance in yourself and others, and attract the right opportunities and rewards to both you and your business.

So take my 3 part quick test to see how well you know your Professional Values.

  1. Without deep preparation, can you articulate your 5 Professional Values?
  2. Can you articulate the core Professional Values of where you work?
  3. Do your fellow leaders/colleagues say the same thing when it comes to understanding the company’s professional values, or the values of great leadership in the organisation?

When you, your team or business are not clear on values this is what happens:

  • The culture flat-lines, as people are not aligned around a powerful and effective core, or reason for being.
  • Leadership fails to harness the true potential of the talent - without clear values, leaders miss how to best tap into the engine of performance: motivation.
  • Recruitment is a difficult beast as you fail to be distinctive, aligned, compelling or attractive in a competitive and crowded market. Great talent looks for a place to belong, and clear values are an essential ingredient to achieve this.
  • Full performance will not be realised, for excelling at work demands both emotional connection and commitment - especially in a creative agency environment - and values are the honey to the bee for this.

I could easily develop on this subject, as it is something I obviously feel strongly about, for it is a core element to the success of any career or business. And because I do not wish to leave you on a feeling of doom and despair, I have created an eBook to guide you on how to effectively create and live your professional values - simply drop me a line here to get your FREE copy!


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