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The Secret to every High-Performing Athlete's Success


There are 3 myths about Coaching and Mentoring I wish to blow out of the water today:

  1. That busy, high-performing Leaders don’t need Mentoring and Coaching, because they are getting on with the job just fine.
  2. That even if you did want to engage with a Mentor, there is just never enough time.
  3. And finally, that despite the will and commitment to making time, there just isn’t the budget.

Time to take on these unnecessary barriers to growth, development and greater success one at a time.


1. High-performing leaders don’t need the help.

Look at the highest performers in sport: they don’t just have a coach or specialist mentor, but a whole army of them. And not just for Christmas either: the team in place is in for the long haul, constantly evolving to deliver greater impact and results.

Now look at your best people - and if you're a business owner, or are at the top of the leadership tree, that includes you. Your best people are your best people because they are:

✓ Talented,
✓ Aligned with your culture,
✓ Have the skills/knowledge and experience that are vital for the business to hit targets,
✓ Have real accountability and responsibility when it comes to the success, or failure of the company.

Your key-performers are in high demand from competitors, or could be considering launching on their own. They are also probably running on adrenaline half the time, operating largely from habit, dated subconscious beliefs and from that potentially destructive inner-critic we all possess.

Despite all this, the majority of companies is leaving their best talent to the trial and error approach of leadership development and growth, or worse, actively choosing to not to invest in the health, growth and development of the best leaders, inevitably leading to crumbling emotional loyalty. Once this happens, there is no going back - no matter how much cash is on the table!


2. There is no time for this “nice-to-have”.

 You can be the most incredibly talented Leader, if you don’t make the time to access your talent and full-potential, you will never get to bring your full magic into the world.

So much time is wasted when busy high-performing Leaders miss out on one of the fundamentals for successful change and growth at work: Clarity - the first of my 3C’s for successful change model.

Lack of clarity means time, energy and resources are piled into the wrong problems, wrong priorities and, too often, the wrong people.

Having dedicated specialist time gives you the opportunity to stop being stuck in the doing, something many of the high-performing Leaders and business owners I mentor have found to be a powerful asset in their journey for successful change.


3. The classic "not enough budget".

 I have a saying that "creative companies are very comfortable at losing money in an established way" - through poor recruitment.

When a vital body is missing, there is always budget for recruitment, however poorly planned and despite the little confidence in the result. (see my article on why 80% of senior appointments are doomed to fail). 

If a company has already invested significantly in key leadership talent, then protecting that investment and equipping that leader to thrive - not simply survive in the role - is a far more assured and sustainable investment.

Imagine what additional impact and results will be achieved when you raise your key-performers' impact by just 2%? Multiply that across all the people they are responsible for and the value of the client relationships under their direct control: the R.O.I is quickly into the multiple £10,000’s!

I too often see creative companies having to shoulder huge losses when key-talent is poached by a competitor, when there was the opportunity to retain, should more pro-active investment had been made into the talent's growth, development and wellbeing.

So let me leave you with a few questions:

  • Which of these myths is alive & kicking in your business / leadership right now?
  • What’s the impact of this on you, your company, and results?
  • Which is the priority to change?
  • How brighter and more successful would your world be if your key people or you accessed full talent, potential and goals?


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