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The Sour Side of Growth


I was recently chatting with the CEO of a growing creative business. They have built a thriving company, work with top-tier clients, and have big plans for the future - the kind of scenario that prompts fantasies of radiant leaders and teams going about their day, running as smoothly as can be, with successes and smiles all around, right?

The truth is one magic ingredient had ironically gone AWOL since the company had become more successful

That precious feeling of excitement and joy that comes from doing a role you love, in a company that fuels your professional soul - rather than drains and distracts it!

My client couldn’t quite put their finger on the exact moment when their “successful company” had shifted from angel to devil in their ear, but the gradual change had left them feeling totally stumped on how to reverse the situation: they were now weighed down by the crushing feeling of an exhausting and overwhelming world of work they were seeing as deprived of freedom or choice.

On a day to day basis, they would just about manage to get through their inbox, whilst trying their best to look after everyone else’s needs, with their own suddenly pushed down to the bottom of the priority list.

But their company was still “successful” and certainly looked shiny from the outside looking in, and even inside looking up.

So what were they to do?

Many of us are aware of the potential feeling of isolation surrounding any Senior Leadership role. Now imagine what this type of situation can do to such feeling of isolation: Imposter Syndrome flare right up, leaving you feeling even more secluded and therefore unsure of who to turn to, let alone what to do, without running the risk of jeopardising the business’s successful growth.

Over the past few years, I have seen many of my clients, high-performing leaders working for equally “shiny-looking” creative agencies, go through the same experience. And what is obvious time and time again is how it’s not just emotions that take a battering in such scenario, but performance, potential, people, and profit are also in the firing line - the result of an internal conflict where the devil in your ear talks over your gut feeling. The truth is, no matter how many reasons that devil gives you about why you should be happy in your role, the consequences of doing a job you’re not loving will sooner or later put your motivation and well-being at risk.

The good news is a more fulfilling & connected work life is out there.

All you need is a dose of clarity and the right tools. Which is why, after having helped dozens of clients out of feeling stuck, exhausted, and overwhelmed by this kind of situation, to feeling more in control of their business, career, leadership and life, I decided to develop a workshop based on my 5 R’s framework - one that equips Senior Leaders and Leadership teams against such leadership trap, and drive successful change.

The framework helps Senior Leaders understand their motivations and needs, as well as the demands, opportunities, and boundaries of their role, to find a balance that is sustainable and profitable to both themselves and the business.

Here’s what a recent participant shared about their experience:

Sally helped us as a team realise a few challenges we have to face. I gained a better and more applicable way of approaching my role, what I want to achieve from it and on behalf of the business.

Why is this essential? Because when you’re in a Senior Leader role, the answer to an unhappy work life is often a lot more complex than walking away from a role, which can potentially result in facing the same situation some time down the line.

After all, the grass is greener where you decide to water it.

I am here to help you learn how.

sally henderson