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Distracting sore or constant pain - how to best deal with the daily "thorns" in your business?


What "thorn" is in your side right now, as you are leading your business?

Is it a massive distracting sore, or a constant pain that has become so normal it is now almost numb, yet remains just as disruptive?

Leaders are so geared up to be future-focused that “thorns” can get left where they are whilst they are busy dealing with many other demands, making the extraction of such thorn and its consequential bloodbath somewhat risky.

So what's the answer? Here are my gems to help leaders coping with thorns - whether it's just a few, or a whole bush of them!

  • Create time and space

    Where you can objectively look at People, Performance, Profit and Process.
    Through each of these lenses, rank each P against a rating system of Great, Good, Fair, or Weak.
    NB: define what each ranking means in terms of evidence and results before you rank!
  • Clarify

    Once you have ranked them, pause and clarify the following: what does this data tell you?
  • Present

    For each ranking, write what 3 things have led to the P's being in this place?
  • Introspection

    What does this tell you about your own leadership and the performance of your people and business?
  • Now Method

    Use my proven NOW method to help you prioritise future focus.

Using this tool is a great way to help you stay focused on delivering effective leadership at all time, and to keep your priorities and performance in check whilst dealing with the daily pains and difficulties encountered by your business and team.


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