Sally Henderson
Powerful change from the inside out




What's driving you right now at work?

So tell me, what's driving you right now at work?

Or let me be blunt: is anything driving you at work, right now?

Too many successful leaders get stuck in the rut of routine, and become too 'busy' to work out where they are heading, let alone if they even want to head there.

You would be surprised if I told you how many exceptional people I work with are battling with their inner critic? And the real villain in this story? Such amazing potential doesn't need to be stagnated or lost.

If you are a CSuite Leader or Owner of a business, here are proven ways you can achieve greater results faster:

  • Stop being 'busy'
    It's too easy to pick the path of less resistance which is sticking with the status quo.
  • Start putting your own needs back at the front of the stage.
    If you are not firing at your best then everything else is compromised too!
  • Reconnect with what you love about work.  
    Make sure you give yourself permission to do what feeds your professional soul.
  • Clarify where you are heading
    In terms of work, life and growth - I have a great tool that I can share that makes this easy!
  • Commit to change.
    No one made change by simply thinking about it. Change has to start with change, so get an action plan ready to rock and roll

And my best advice?

Time is the only resource you cannot win back, so let's stop wasting any more of it: find a mentor you have a great connection with, and who will help you become a greater leader, for you to make better business and therefore enjoy a richer life - it's that easy! 

sally henderson