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What’s your professional fuel?

Having had a great break and coming back from holiday something that has strongly resonated with me is reconnecting with my “professional fuel”.
Now don’t get me wrong, being away with the family was terrific and I loved it. I will admit having that slight “back to work feeling” on the Sunday – don’t we all have that to one degree or another! But once I was in my rhythm again the buzz I got from reconnecting with my clients, mentoring business owners through change, booking in new Talent & Development Diagnostics and getting out to meet new clients was and is terrific!

Being trusted to partner people and organisations through change and creating transformation rocks my world.
This got me to thinking how many people at work are really connected with their own “professional fuel?”. Sadly, I know not enough.
So, here are my top tips to help you, or your team, get greater clarity on your drivers and fuel at work:

  • Know your professional values. Without these you are like a rudderless ship
  • Keep an emoji diary for a week to capture what is making you feel great, ok, flat or even rubbish.  As we spend so much time on auto-pilot this is a great way to raise your self-awareness and get clearer about how you actually spend most of your time. You may well be surprised by the results and assumptions you make about how you experience work!
  • Get specific about your drivers and what is important for you to have at work to give you fulfilment. My P.I.C.E.D Needs Framework helps leaders better understand their “self” and needs at work, specifically across:
    • Practical
    • Intellectual
    • Commercial
    • Emotional
    • Developmental
  • Now you have greater awareness give yourself an overall mark out of 10 on how well your professional fuel is being kept topped up currently. What does this tell you?
  • Get a mentor/coach to help you either address the challenges or develop the positives even further

I hope this post has equipped you to be better connected with your professional fuel and/or that of your team/business.
To learn more about how my unique take on Executive Mentoring enables Leaders to “feel great to do great” and the results I have delivered to fellow leaders in the creative world I’d be delighted to get together for a cup of tea!  Please email me here.


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