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Case Studies



Accelerating the Senior Leadership Team

A highly successful independent creative business had embraced radical change across the entire organisation. The Executive and Senior Management Team wanted to work with an objective partner to help them re-clarify on their individual and group goals, remove any legacy tension lurking under the surface and ensure they are optimised for future growth.

Motivational Map Workshop with the whole group combined with bespoke Change Mentoring Programme blending 1:1 and team-based sessions for the Board.

Subconscious limiting beliefs were identified and removed. Leadership growth opportunities were identified and subsequently supported by tools and frameworks to ensure the full potential of the team would be realised and that roles, remits and talent will continue to develop and evolve successfully. 

CEO Transformational Growth

After a decade at the helm of a successful independent business, the Founder and CEO needed a ‘re-boot’ to refocus on their own growth and development.

18 month Change Mentoring Programme combining deep transformational work with a personalised suite of Change Mentoring tools, techniques and approaches.

Through delivering a fundamental shift in self-perception and beliefs, the Founder and CEO better understood themselves and how to achieve greater positive impact. This enabled them to have greater impact with their senior leadership team and the organisation. Critical decisions were taken with greater confidence and commitment and the business successfully evolved to continue to be successful and thrive under a renewed sense of leadership and energy at the top.

Fast-Tracking success & impact in a new senior role

A major PLC wanted to invest in recently promoted internal senior talent to enable them to hit the ground running as quickly and successfully as possible in a new high profileleadership role.

9 month Change Mentoring Programme focusing on how to recast leadership identity and style from within an organisation in both an emotive and practical way.

The Mentee was able to enter their new senior leadership role with greater clarity on what the core purpose and deliverables of the role were, how to evolve their leadership style accordingly. I.e. Which behaviour traits to let go of and which to newly adopt. They quickly secured their new authority and built a high performing team delivering on both cultural and commercial goals.

MD Leadership Growth

A high performing MD wanted to take the next steps within their professionaldevelopment to accelerate the success and growth of the business during a periodof merging and high-paced demanding change within a global network.

12 month Change Mentoring Programme identifying the core developmental areas tofast-track leadership growth for the individual and their leadership needs equippingthem to lead with greater confidence and executive presence.

The Senior Leader was able to significantly transform their leadership approach andoperate more strategically with greater influence, control, and balanced energy. Theywere able to challenge and support the senior leadership team effectively, and leadthe business through successful change transformation.

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