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Specialist LEarning & Development for Driven Managing Directors

Over the last 10 months, I have been meeting many Managing Directors and listening to what leaders like you in this demanding role and career stage want and what will be most valuable to you to achieve greater results faster.

What has come back most strongly from you peer group is a real appetite to have easy access to:

  • Specialist leadership development and learning that is targeted to leaders in the unique role, and coping with the unique pressures, of MD in the creative sector
  • Connecting freely with fellow MDs to share views, stories and tricky problems in a safe, non-competitive nor judging environment and be inspired 
  • Be able to benchmark performance and know what, indeed, a “great MD” does look like, especially in such a fast-changing world of work that is agency/consultancy life

At the heart of this feedback was one consistent big challenge that all MDs and Leaders have to deal with.  This is
"How to successfully manage change?"

This is why I created the Change Leader Community.

A peer leadership group that enables you to gain precious time to address your own needs and goals as a leader outside of the demanding day job, boost your energy and positive emotions and get equipped to effectively manage change, whether it comes in the form of a challenge or an opportunity.

With an understanding that every leader is different, The Change Leader Community has been designed to enable a variety of ways leaders can learn and grow to drive change to greater levels at work.  You can dip in and out or enjoy the whole menu of learning and fellow MD leader connection opportunities. Here’s how:

  • Receive insights, stories and fresh thinking straight into your in-box with my Change Leader Community Newsletter every 6 weeks. This will happen naturally unless you click here to opt out (please allow 3 working days for the unsubscription to take effect).
  • Join live, or watch the recording at your leisure, a free specialist MD Webinar Series that runs every quarter to tackle key challenges and give advice that’s applicable to all levels of experience on “How to be Brilliant MD”. For further details please click here .
  • Reserve your place at my next specialist MD Round-Table. These sell out every time and are limited to intimate numbers to ensure they give maximum value.  Please click here to find out when the next one is taking place so you don’t miss out and can bag an early-bird ticket
  • Take your seat at The Change Leaders Breakfast Club. The natural next step post attending an MD Round-Table to continue the conversation over a relaxed breakfast at The Wolsely, building deeper connections with your network and gaining ideas and inspiration from fellow MDs. Again, places are limited so click here to register your interest. (PS You must have attended a Round-Table to join The Change Leaders Breakfast Club).

Whichever learning and growth opportunity is right for you, this community is all about nurturing your Leadership to make the World of Work work and equip you to manage change effectively.

Imagine the collective impact if we all got clearer about the change we want to be in the world?

So let's connect, contribute and collaborate!

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a call to discuss your leadership and growth outside of The Change Leader Community, let's arrange a conversation!