Sally Henderson
Change Mentor

Challenges I resolve

Are your people your best asset or your biggest headache, or do you find yourself constantly switching between the two?
I  have yet to come across a creative organisation that hasn't welcomed insightful input to develop and retain key leadership-talent better.

I help creative organisations develop and retain the best leaders for their business, and then get them working at their happy, motivated best!

Company Development

  • You have lost sight of your vision and purpose and are loosing people and money as a result
  • The business is not hitting target due to weakened leadership
  • You recognise there is a distinct lack of diversity in your business and your clients are noticing too
  • Teams need bedding in after a period of high growth
  • There are little or no expert talent development skills within the business
  • The talent development resource you have is at full capacity and needs specialist support

Leadership Team Development

  • The executive team welcomes objective and confidential counsel for professional development
  • The business has recently lost a senior executive so needs to minimise any negative after-effects and put the right new leader in place in the most effective way
  • The potential of the senior team is not being realised/ there are question marks over the current leadership team and their performance
  • There is no succession plan in place for the business
  • The business is not retaining top talent into leadership roles and missing out on maximum return-on-investment/ you are training great leaders for your competitors

Did any of these challenges strike a chord? Would you like to chat about your leadership or talent? Discover how I can help you create business growth and career success faster: