Sally Henderson
Executive Mentor

Challenges I resolve


Are your people your best asset or your biggest headache, or do you constantly switch between the two?
I  have yet to come across a creative organisation that hasn't welcomed insightful input to help attract, develop and retain key talent better.

There may be a wide variety of challenges I help my clients solve however there is one key theme...people. I help creative organisations attract the best leaders for their business, and then get them working at their happy, motivated best!

Company Development

•You have recently won significant new work and need to recruit quickly, effectively and at scale
•The business is not hitting target/you have poor strategy delivery
•You recognise there is a distinct lack of diversity in your business and your clients are noticing too
•Teams need bedding in after a period of high growth
•There are little or no expert talent development skills within the business
•The talent development resource you have is at full capacity and needs specialist support

Leadership Team Development

•The executive team welcomes objective and confidential counsel for personal and professional development
•The business has recently lost a senior executive so needs to minimise any negative after-effects and put the right new leader in place in the most effective way
•The potential of the senior team is not being realised/ there are question marks over the current leadership team and their performance
•There is no succession plan in place for the business
•The business is not retaining top talent into leadership roles and missing out on maximum return-on-investment/ you are training great leaders for your competitors

Recruitment Strategy & Effectiveness

•You have a poor, or weakly defined, Employer Value Proposition
•You are spending too much on external recruiters who add little value
•The business struggles to attract/ retain top talent
•How your company manages recruitment is ineffective, costly, with poor or little return-on-investment
•Your people aren't trained in essential recruitment skills resulting in poor decision, missing out on business critical talent and the wrong people being appointed
•There are no expert recruitment skills or resources within the business


If any of these have struck a chord, or you would simply welcome a chat about your leadership or talent, please get in touch.