Sally Henderson
Powerful change from the inside out

Examples of who I help

change has to start with change.

Who you are

You’re aware you have buckets of untapped potential with a passion for learning, but where on earth do you find the time to step back and reflect on how to best unleash and focus on this?

  • Wanting directive guidance and insight to reach the next stage of your leadership development

  • Feeling isolated, disillusioned with work, stale and in need of a refresh to truly live a richer life

  • Unaware of your blind spots that are blocking your leadership development and stalling business growth

  • Struggling how to get past a role and remit that keeps changing and isn’t defined

  • Embedding in a new senior role and feeling pressure to make a positive impact quickly

  • Ready to stop hiding behind a mask and eradicate your impostor syndrome once and for all

  • Feeling the pressure of constantly putting out multiple fires

  • On the cusp of tipping from ambitious to becoming burnt out.


What my clients say