Sally Henderson
Executive Mentor

Fundamental Change


Your leaders need to feel great to do great.  

When this happens, your business achieves greater results faster through your people. 
My bespoke Results-Based Mentoring and Coaching is here to achieve this. 

Do you know how your leaders & key-talents are really thinking and feeling about their work and performance in your business?

Most business leaders and owners don't, and this is a risky place to be: wide-open to the threat of poaching, with your best people leaving or stagnating in your business whilst polluting the performance of others. 

Mentoring and Coaching are proven at optimising leadership performance, increasing the well-being of your best assets, and creating greater value for your business and your clients.

My bespoke Results-Based Executive Mentoring Programmes get your leaders emotionally fit, equip them with practical leadership tools and proven techniques to achieve higher performance and results. 

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Team Results-Based Executive Mentoring

Bespoke programme tailored to your people, business, challenges and goals, to create a high-performing leadership team.

Featuring my 3 E’s for Excellence: Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective 


One-to-One Results-Based Executive Mentoring

Keep your high-performing leaders in peak condition: tailored development programmes to fast-track greater results & avoid unnecessary obstacles along the way.

My signature Shine-Brighter & Beam programmes are proven to positively impact on culture & commercial growth quickly:

  • Shine Brighter: programme designed to help you remove a block or boost opportunity, or both. {3 months}
    read testimonial below
  • Beam: programme focused on fundamental change, to create leadership/business growth, and career success faster. {6 months}

What my clients say

Sally was recommended to me by a former colleague, whose opinion I respect highly, so when Interbrand offered me the opportunity to receive some executive coaching to help me with a specific challenge, I knew who to ask for.

Sally introduced me to a series of tools and strategies at our sessions, which were insightful, challenging and fun, as she demands ‘all-in’ involvement.

I believe that my sessions with Sally have already made me a stronger leader, resulting in an almost immediate pay-off on the investment, to the benefit of both my employer and me, and am sure that I will refer to her techniques in the months and years to come.

I am delighted to endorse Sally, hope to work with her again in the future, and would highly recommend her as an executive coach to individuals or agencies looking to sharpen their leadership skills.
— Iain Webster Executive Client Services Director, Interbrand

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