Sally Henderson
Executive Mentor

Unleash Your True Potential

Unleash Your True Potential


I work with motivated and ambitious leaders who have already made significant achievements, but who want to make more.
My goal is to help you achieve maximum career success.

When you’re at work it’s obvious when you feel good about what you’re doing – you achieve more and perform at a higher level. Even better, you return home at the end of the day happy. Understanding your personal and professional identities and using tried and tested techniques unique to my mentoring approach, together we will pinpoint your definition of success and uncover what's blocking or hindering you. 

My Personal Executive Mentoring Programmes include:

Personal Mentoring Programme

My 7Steps to Career Success

Motivational Map Profiling

Working as your mentor I guide you through an insightful, tailored and targeted process over a period of weeks or months and help you measure your success.  

See some examples of how I can help you achieve greater results faster.

I'd love to understand how I can help. 

Sally is a remarkable career and development coach. Her piercing questions and clear emotional intelligence make her an invaluable source of sage advice, and her considered, can-do attitude encourages productive action and outcomes. I’ve been so impressed with her intelligent approach, and am very grateful to her for helping me to navigate - what seemed to me to be, but less so to her! - the trickiest of career questions.
— Jenny Dean, Strategy Director