Sally Henderson
Change Mentor

Motivational Map Profiling


Motivation is invisible, yet the symptoms are there for all to see.  

Poor motivation increases stress, dysfunctional teams, staff turnover, ill-health and weakens performance both professionally and personally.

High motivation increases happiness, energy, creativity, and innovation, to create more effective relationships and results in work and in life.

Understanding your motivations at work is what keeps the fuel burning. Great talent will quickly leave an organisation if their motivation is not right, and individuals will stall in careers without the energy to take and sustain the right action.

Motivational Map Profiling is not a personality test, but a snapshot of your state at any given time. It's a great tool for any aspiring organisation wanting to understand culture, people development, team building, etc., to optimise overall performance. For individuals, your Motivational Map is a great asset to direct career-growth, as well as to build self-awareness and self-esteem.

I am accredited to deliver Motivational Maps for organisations, teams and individuals.

What my clients say

Sally introduced me to the Motivational Map tool that is part of the incredible arsenal of tools that she uses for executive coaching . Working through my motivators with Sally was very enlightening, helping me understand what made me tick but equally what didn’t. Understanding my motivational priorities has not only helped in understanding my own motivations but also how to best work with a senior management team that may have very different personal motivators.
— Katie Lee, Managing Director, Sunshine