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"With sally's help,

i have changed for the better,


The results far exceeded expectations.

Detailed Industry knowledge and an innate understanding of people and behaviours: this was a process we enjoyed, and will certainly repeat.
— Toby Southgate, Chief Growth Officer, McCann Worldgroup
Sally has been the catalyst for the biggest transition in my professional life. How?

Sally sees me and sees things in me that I don’t notice in myself. I feel listened to, understood and appreciated. She uses her understanding of me and her unique toolbox to spontaneously create new ideas for how I can work better and challenge me when I’m not on track. She knows my unique gremlins and what I need to do to shine.

What does it mean for me? Her process has given me confidence in myself, helped me increase the amount of joy and connection I feel at work and made me unafraid of bringing my ideas into the world. With her help I have changed for the better, forever.
— David Atkinson, (former) COO, The Mind Gym
Sally gave a hugely energising and motivating presentation to DBA members on retaining and engaging your talent.

She struck the right balance between inspiration, knowledge and practical tips - resulting in a lively Q&A and overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. She has an engaging presentation style and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.
— Sarah Osborn, Head of Programmes, DBA
Sally designed and delivered a workshop on ‘Building High Performance’. This involved our senior management team, from Creative Directors through to Operations Director. The purpose was to provide the understanding and tools needed by managers to help encourage consistent high performance from their people.

Sally is an engaging, effective presenter and facilitator, and the workshop was well received. We have since gone on to incorporate the guidance and tools within our performance review process, with positive results.

It was helpful to have an ‘outside expert’ to deliver this, and our internal HR manager felt that Sally’s involvement helped to strengthen the case for placing a higher priority on effective people management and development.
— Dorothy Mackenzie, Chairman, Dragon Rouge
I now have a more positive stance on the future and how to change things to be more proactive. I see myself more clearly in the perspective of the business and how to get the best out of myself. I am also able to be more productive when working with others.

It’s been great to find a new horizon and lift my head above the everyday to take a new look on things. Thank you!
— Executive Creative Director and Founder, Independent Film Company
A superb partner, counsel, coach and advisor. Also, kind, considerate, a great listener and really understands people - the most crucial talents required in her business!
— Jo Moore, Global Brand Director, LENOVO
Sally introduced me to the Motivational Map tool that is part of the incredible arsenal of tools that she uses for executive coaching. Working through my motivators with Sally was very enlightening, helping me understand what made me tick but equally what didn’t.

Understanding my motivational priorities has not only helped in understanding my own motivations but also how to best work with a senior management team that may have very different personal motivators
— Katie Lee, Managing Director, Sunshine
Sally was recommended to me by a former colleague, whose opinion I respect highly, so when Interbrand offered me the opportunity to receive some executive coaching to help me with a specific challenge, I knew who to ask for.

Sally introduced me to a series of tools and strategies at our sessions, which were insightful, challenging and fun, as she demands ‘all-in’ involvement.

I believe that my sessions with Sally have already made me a stronger leader, resulting in an almost immediate pay-off on the investment, to the benefit of both my employer and me, and am sure that I will refer to her techniques in the months and years to come.

I am delighted to endorse Sally, hope to work with her again in the future, and would highly recommend her as an executive coach to individuals or agencies looking to sharpen their leadership skills.
— Iain Webster, Executive Client Services Director, Interbrand
Our London operation needed to be turned around and the team re-energised. Sally did not only get the core of the challenges right but she got our spirit, culture and brand so well.

She is a mentor and coach that understood our talent needs and knew how to deliver the best solutions. Should I need to, I would not doubt for a second calling her again.
An absolute gem.
— Jacob Benbunan, Founder & CEO, Saffron
I was recommended Sally’s coaching skills by a good friend and mutual acquaintance. At the time I felt frustrated with the business, I had a vision but was marking time as I couldn’t see a clear way through.

In just three sessions Sally helped me identify where the blockages were and what needed to be done. Sally is incredibly personable and is a delight to be with. She also brings an understanding of business that ensured the outcomes were relevant. I couldn’t recommend Sally’s coaching skills highly enough.
— Adrian Collins, Executive Chairman, Ziggurat


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