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Bespoke Mentoring Programmes

accelerate your growth

Valuable change takes effort and commitment.
It’s not a quick fix.

Over three core phases, my Executive Mentoring delivers successful change, as each programme is unique, high-impact and transformational. 

You will receive powerful insights, enabling you to identify what is blocking your success, and how to transform personal growth and that of your business through your developed leadership skills.

And you will leave, equipped with a bespoke set of tools and techniques to enable successful, lasting change. 

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The Quarter Club (TQC) is for clients who have successfully completed an Executive Change Mentoring Programme and wish to keep momentum with the personal, professional and leadership development already achieved, allowing them to continue to grow and thrive as a senior leader and be happy and effective at work.

As with all my Change Mentoring programmes, membership of TQC is entirely bespoke and built around your unique requirements.

leadership development Workshops

Motivational Mapping
Motivational Mapping is an ISO-accredited tool proven to quickly and accurately equip leaders to get a better understanding of key people and talent, to retain that talent and support in creating a culture of high-performers.
It’s not a personality test, nor is it a psychometric profiling tool; it’s an online self-perception inventory that crucially focuses on motivation rather than personality. Read more about it here - or watch this video to find out how I use it.

The 3Cs to Create Successful Change
Applying my proven 3C framework, this highly interactive workshop enables participants to understand how to avoid the common blockers to successful change. In addition, participants will develop their own leadership style and learn how to set themselves, and their teams, up to succeed through periods of change. This approach equips you with practical tools to anchor change, make it real and feel in control.

The 5Rs to Drive Successful Change
My 5R framework was created to anchor The 3Cs and Motivational Map learning. It can also be delivered as a stand-alone workshop. It is proven to fast-track a team’s ability to drive change forward. Providing a common central approach, shared understanding with targeted guidance, participants come away able to crack on with making great change happen!