Sally Henderson
Change Mentor

When to work with a Mentor


Life's busy and full of demands, sometimes it can be hard to come up for air and be objective about a very important subject ... You! If you are reading this, it's likely you are ready to invest in your future and potential and make significant change for good.

My Personal Executive Mentoring will fast-track your ambition. My approach and techniques have been designed and refined over 25 years to help Leaders overcome common problems and challenges when making change at work.

Here are a few:

  • Do you want to perform at your best and reach your potential and don’t want to waste time or precious resources heading in the wrong direction?
  • Have you recently been promoted into a new role requiring a change in approach and development of your leadership skills?
  • Are you wanting to make significant career transformation or change to a new leadership role outside of your current company?
  • Is there a ceiling in your current work environment? Despite this you are committed to maximising opportunity and options for your career advancement
  • Are you looking to achieve greater balance between being a high-achiever and out of work interests/commitments?
  • Do you need an impartial expert sense check around strengths and weaknesses with a clear plan of action to help you develop quicker and more effectively?
  • The current strategic direction of your organisation will not provide the right opportunities for professional development and you don't have the luxury waiting to see how things turn out
  • You wish to strengthen emotional resilience and lead/manage others more effectively
  • Recently you just missed out on a key promotion and can't afford for this to happen again
  • As an ambitious, busy leader you crave “safe-space” to improve strategic effective thinking to achieve greater results for your business, yourself and your family

If any of these have struck a chord, or you would simply welcome a chat about your development, please get in touch.