Sally Henderson
Powerful change from the inside out


powerful change from the inside out

what is a change mentor?

Change Mentoring is for ambitious senior leaders wanting to fast-track professional growth in a new way, using a unique approach that’s neither classic executive coaching, nor traditional mentoring.

My approach, proven to have impact across start ups to FTSE, equips you with a bespoke toolkit to change how you think, feel and act to become a truly happy and effective leader.

Who is it for?

You’re a talented, driven, successful C-suite/Senior Leader/Founder/MD working in a high-pressured, fast-paced, complex and dynamic industry. The business environment is changing faster than you can blink. You have strength, determination and a passion for learning - but who do you go to for wholly objective and trusted guidance and support? Where on earth do you find the time to step back and reflect on how to best to achieve your full ambition? How do you keep accountable to look after ‘you’ so you can look after everyone else well?

To understand how Change Mentoring has already helped to overcome common leadership challenges and to fast-track your success, click here.

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