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The Leadership Series is a 10-part podcast, featuring candid conversations with interesting people in senior leadership roles.

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Jonny tooze, founder of digital agency, lab.

How can you be a leader that supports their team to help them achieve their ambitions, whilst channelling your own ambitions at the same time?

Sally talks to Jonny Tooze about how he ensures his ambitions and the ambitions of his team are met, whilst remaining an effective leader.

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phil burgess, chief people and operations officer at c space

It’s all too easy to spend your time as a leader focusing on the day-to-day of fixing rather than looking ahead to the wider business needs and what can be improved to encourage and implement positive change.  Phil shares what he has learnt during his career so far, how he keeps his attitude positive to allow him to focus on growth as well as his key principles of leadership.

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Gemma Greaves, CEO of the marketing society

People tell you that it’s lonely at the top, but it’s not till you are there that you believe it. So, who do you turn to in order to help you build ideas, innovate, make decisions and have the clarity of vision to rise above the daily grind?

Gemma Greaves shares what she has learnt since becoming CEO of The Marketing Society, as well as three key pieces of advice to avoid loneliness and isolation at the top. 

With special thanks to Steve Wheen and his brilliant team at The Distillery London for the production of the podcast.